Which Auto Transmission Shift Kit is Right For You?

A good auto transmission shift kit can increase the shifting characteristics of your car and reduce the amount of wear and tear on the clutch. Fortunately, there are many types of shift kits available on the market. The pros and cons of each type are discussed below. Read on to determine which is right for you. Ultimately, it will come down to how much you’re willing to spend. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to increase your car’s performance.

Performance-oriented shift kit

A performance-oriented auto transmission shift kit changes the way that fluid flows through the valve body. This results in firmer shifts and faster shift response times. Traditionally, manual transmissions were not the top priority of car builders, but modern technology has allowed them to do so. The benefits of a performance-oriented shift kit are varied but are often worth the investment. Listed below are some of the main benefits that you can expect to see.

First, remove the factory separator plate. Depending on your vehicle, there may be four check balls under this plate. The instructions will point out where each one is. Next, install the new gaskets. For the transfer plate, a TransGo shift kit will include a gasket between the factory support plate and the transfer plate. Installing a new gasket between the factory support plate and the transfer plate will improve sealing. If the factory support plate isn’t flat, the gasket may stick to the case. Remove any excess material using a razor blade.

Reduces clutch wear

A shift kit installs into your auto transmission. This device reduces slippage and overlap between gears and can significantly improve the life of your transmission. To install, you will need to remove the transmission pan and valve body, and drill a hole in the valve body separator plate. The valve body directs the transmission fluid to various valves and components. A shift kit will eliminate this problem, giving your car smoother shifting and more power.

The PWM shift valve replaces worn or failing ring components. This kit can correct late shifts, slips in reverse, and delayed reverse engagement. These parts are easy to install and come with complete instructions. This kit also contains “Tuff” accumulator piston seals that help reduce wear and tear on the clutch. The self-expanding 3rd clutch seal corrects 3rd clutch burnup and low pressure. It also corrects shift quality and improves clutch life.

Improves shifting characteristics

Depending on your budget and driving style, you may want to invest in a performance-oriented auto transmission shift kit. These kits change the way the transmission fluid flows, firming up shifts and increasing response times. These kits can improve the performance of your vehicle and make the transmission more durable. The following are the advantages of performance-oriented auto transmission shift kits. These kits can be installed to your vehicle without a mechanic’s help.

Less time spent shifting means less wear and tear on the friction elements in your transmission. The slipping during a shift takes away useful energy from your vehicle and transforms it into heat. This heat will eventually corrode and destroy the mating elements, reducing their useful life. Furthermore, reduced shift times mean less wear on your gears, which is important because longer shifts are bad for your engine. In addition, prolonged shift times may increase the operating temperature of your transmission, which can lead to increased power loss.


The first question to ask yourself when purchasing a manual trans shift kit is how much you can expect to pay. While the shift kit itself lists for $60-130, the labor cost can range from $50 per hour to over $100. The shift kit may require a technician to spend four hours working on your vehicle. Some manual trans kits contain parts for a full repair. For instance, a shifter lever may get stuck or the indicator may not match the current gear. Other symptoms of a problem may include your vehicle starting in a different gear or refusing to change. A manual transmission shift kit will contain the parts necessary for repair and maintenance, as well as help prevent transmission issues.

Purchasing a shift kit for your automatic transmission is not an expensive proposition, however. An automatic transmission shift kit can improve the performance and durability of your vehicle, as well as increase its service life. The cost for an auto transmission shift kit will vary depending on the brand, series, and material used in the design. You should also consider the warranty on the product before making a purchase. The more comprehensive your warranty is, the less expensive the kit will be.


Installing an auto transmission shift kit is a relatively simple process. The kit consists of two parts: the transmission shift lever and the valve body. A C6 shift kit is representative of the earliest automatics. The kit requires basic tools, a low-range torque wrench, and a large cookie pan. You’ll also need small magnets to hold the small parts in place. If you are unsure how to install a shift lever or valve body, read the instructions carefully.

A TransGo Performance Shift Kit improves transmission durability by enhancing the friction component’s holding and applying capability. It also reduces heat buildup by increasing cooling and lubrication flow. If you’re unsure of the process, TransGo’s online manual provides step-by-step videos to walk you through the process. This is an excellent resource for DIYers. This information will help you decide whether the installation of an auto transmission shift kit is right for your car’s needs.