What to Look For in an Auto Electrical Connector Kit

An auto electrical connector kit is a vital part of an automobile’s electrical system. Automotive systems are increasingly complicated and require high quality electrical connectors. You’ll find many different types of connector kits, as well as the proper accessories. Find out which kit is right for your needs. Contact Connector-Tech ALS to learn more. Here are some of the features of a high-quality automotive connector kit. You’ll want to be sure to purchase the right wire gauge for your vehicle’s application.

Steps to installing auto electrical connector kit

There are several steps to install an auto electrical connector kit. You must first prepare the area where the connector will be installed. If the location is not accessible, you can use a hammer crimping tool. Otherwise, you can buy a heat gun. However, hammers may not be suitable for use inside your vehicle. Nonetheless, you can use the tool on a nearby surface. Lastly, make sure that you have a heat gun that can reach high temperatures.


An auto electrical connector kit contains several different types of wire connectors. The wire connectors in this kit may include ring, spade, hook, and butt splice heat shrink wire connectors. These connectors are made of high-quality materials and are dust-proof and waterproof. Their buckle shape provides proper contact placement and prevents them from slipping out. They are also easy to install and remove. They are designed for the specific application that they are intended for.

As automotive electrical connectors are used for critical functions in a vehicle, they need to be durable and reliable. In addition to offering good protection against the elements, these connectors also have a good degree of heat resistance. They also often feature secure locking systems to prevent accidental disconnections. They feature wire terminals and PCB connections that eliminate soldering. There are also board-to-board connectors that connect two PCBs.

Gauge of wire in automotive wiring

The gauge of wire used in automotive wiring is dependent on several factors, including the amperage and voltage drop of the circuit, and the ambient temperature of the compartment. Outside the engine compartment, ambient temperatures should be 20degC or lower. For conductors inside the engine compartment, the temperature should be higher than 20degC. Larger wire gauges are necessary for longer runs and higher currents. To find the proper wire gauge, use an interactive AWG wire size chart.

There are many sizes of wire available in the automotive industry, and each type is sized according to its cross-section area. For example, wire measuring 16-gauge is 0.051-inch wide. It’s usually stranded wire, which allows it to flex and move around without breaking. Wire listed in a particular gauge is usually the same size, but it can differ in amperage load depending on the insulation it’s made from.

Waytek Wire

If you’re looking for a high-quality wire and electrical connector kit, Waytek has just the right items for the job. Its product line includes 12-volt electrical connectors, wire harnesses, and other electrical supplies for a variety of automotive applications. These kits come in many sizes and varieties, and are designed to fit any connector size. You can choose from vinyl, nylon, and heat-shrink insulated options.

When choosing a wire and electrical connector, keep the wire size in mind. Automotive wire gauges typically range from 16 to 22 AWG, although a heavier gauge may be better for high-current applications. Wire size can also be a consideration when choosing a connector, since larger gauges have higher mechanical strength and higher current capabilities. Most electrical connectors accommodate automotive wire gauges from 16 to 22 AWG.


Deutsch’s automotive electrical connectors are known for their rugged quality and field-proven reliability. These products have quickly become an industry standard for applications where the smallest deformation of a connection can be devastating. Whether you’re repairing a vehicle’s transmission, engine, or under the hood, a Deutsch auto electrical connector is an excellent choice. You can save money on labor costs by purchasing your Deutsch connector kit with accessories.

Deutsch’s DT series connectors are the most commonly used types, ranging from two, three, four, six, and eight-pin configurations. These connectors are rated IP68 and are perfect for OEM pigtail applications. Their thermoplastic housings offer a high level of weather resistance, and silicone rear-wire seals ensure maximum moisture resistance. Another key feature of Deutsch connectors is their “commonality” system, which uses the same contact system for all wires. The only difference between one connector and another is the gauge of wire.

American Autowire

The American Autowire auto electrical connector kit is easy to install. The kit comes with full-color installation instructions. Before you begin, make sure you know what’s in each component bag. Each part is labeled with a letter so you’ll know exactly what you need. When you’re ready to install your kit, you can check the online help center or contact customer support for further assistance. If you’re unsure, a friendly customer service representative can help you.

You’ll find that there are more than a dozen different types of wire connectors. Most vehicles use type 1 spade connectors, also known as disconnects. There are also several subsets: male and female spade connectors, fork connectors, and wire clamps. There’s even a special female spade connector. If you’re looking for a clamp-style connector, this might be the one you need.