General rules of car rental

Most tourists claim that the best way to explore an unfamiliar country or city would be to travel by car. Car rental allows you to test a new vehicle for the period of vacation, as this service is considered the most attractive for motorists. Renting a car, you will have to follow a number of simple rules that protect against unnecessary waste of money and nerves. This option will be available, but only if you use a reliable car rental Toronto service.

Car rental rules

Before renting a car outside the country, you should read some rules of this process:

  1. gradually learn the specifics of rental and insurance, before signing the documentation and transferring money. It is necessary to pay attention to the peculiarities of self-liability insurance, which is a significant disadvantage for customers. The fact is that the insurance company is ready to pay all the costs, except for the above mentioned amount of collateral in the event of an insured event;
  2. most companies can block a small amount on the customer’s bank card before the car rental is finished as a guarantee. Specify when and under what conditions the company can use this money, as well as the terms and conditions of the blocking;
  3. before the person leaves the parking lot, you will need to carefully inspect the rented car in the presence of a manager. For safety reasons it is necessary to write down all problematic aspects of the body and equipment (scratches and chips, wrinkles and cracks on the glass parts of the car, absence of hoods on wheels and carpets in the cabin) in the appropriate form. A customer who chose a car of a certain class on the official website and found the damage can put the company’s painting and stamp on the copy of the customer’s form;
  4. the same method should be used to fix the fuel level in the tank, because the rental options provide for the return of the car with the same fuel level or to make an extra payment for it according to the tariffs set in the rates on the company’s website;
  5. it is not necessary to leave documents concerning the rental in the car, leaving it at the stops and parking lots. Otherwise, the car may be stolen along with the documentation;
  6. if there is a traffic accident or a problem with the rented car, you should act in accordance with the laws and rules specified in the rental and insurance contract;
  7. it is necessary to report an emergency accident to the car rental company.