Gambling addiction and intensive study

You start diving very hard into the problem, reading scientific literature, sitting on casino forums, and it all seems to be justified. That is, a person is trying to really find a way out, to shift the focus of attention not from profiting from the system, he intends to get out of it. But intense immersion in learning leads to a stronger connection to the addiction, because the context is the same, and you remain an addicted gambler, the brain finds options to bet. Flickering vivid images lead to hopelessness. The same problem is faced, for example, by porn addicts, sitting for hours on the relevant resources. 

Such behavior yields absolutely no result, because there is no room in the mind for other activities that would be worth engaging in. The alternative could be the same walks, socializing with friends. If the addiction is not typical for you, you can also explore the possibilities of jackpot city casino canada and other online casinos here This will create all the conditions so that you can enjoy the game.

Important tips

Addicted people have a certain crisis in this regard. Generally speaking, there is no need to gamble in principle. There’s no point in making money this way, otherwise you’ll still end up in deficit. Only debts can keep you in the system. When your inner value base is very high and strong, nothing and no one can control you. This is why, for example, group therapy must always be limited. That is, it is absolutely necessary to give an outlet to those negative emotions that the person has received in his experience, but it must be strictly controlled. If one continues to remain in the context of addiction, it is virtually impossible to get out of it. It is necessary to constantly shift the focus of one’s attention.

Many players notice that addiction is due to a certain biochemistry of the brain, and this is indeed true. That is, any addiction is physiological in nature. Everything is conditioned by a reflex arc, a chain reaction that supports the neuronal groups that have formed. The popular logical conclusion is that there must be some medication that can break this chain, which will lead to the suppression of the habit, and the person will stop playing. More precisely, he will completely lose the desire to return to the casino. But this is completely wrong. In fact, there is no cure. To date, there are no pills that can cure the gambling addiction and, in general, from any addiction. The medication can only change the type of reaction to a particular stimulus or stimulus. In other words, to relieve the symptoms.

If you are, say, depressed after a big loss, your doctor will probably prescribe antidepressants in an attempt to reduce the level of negative emotions you are experiencing. If, for example, if, on the contrary, you feel outbursts of uncontrollable anger, aggression, then you will be prescribed a sedative. That is, the medication changes only the general background of your well-being and reactions, but it cannot affect the neural circuit, which was formed due to the repetition. It can be changed only at the level of consciousness and working off those fears that push to play, distorted values, notions of how to earn a living – the environment in general. The basis of any addiction is always a neurosis, and it is this that needs to be worked on in order to get rid of the addiction.

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