DevOps companies: do you need to cooperate with them?

DevOps appeared in 2009 but still very popular because of its efficiency. DevOps is a term on the junction of three teams – software development, Quality Assurance and IT Operations. This is a very efficient approach to software development that increases time-to-market and allows make releases faster.

If you want to implement the DevOps methodology in your company, you have two common ways: hiring an in-house team or a dedicated DevOps team from one of the reliable Managed Service Providers (MSP). The third way is to grow your own DevOps engineers from in-house system administrators but this is the longest one.

As you understand, the fastest way is referring to MSP. In this case, you’ll hire the whole professional team at once, without spending a lot of time.

How does DevOps work?

DevOps culture is based on continuous service delivery, constant improvement of internal workflows, infrastructure management and monitoring. As a result, we have the next principles:

  • Continuous Integration. It’s also called CI. It helps quickly identify errors and constantly improve the quality of the product. Development time is reduced by automation of the tests and builds. CI provides automated testing and merging the blocks of new code into the central repository as quickly as possible.
  • Continuous Testing. CI is impossible without non-stop testing. Developers write a code that needs to pass the tests to get to the main repository and write automated unit tests the code must pass. Thus, testing and improvement of the product are an integral part of the DevOps process.
  • Continuous Delivery. This step is also called a CD. During CD, the features approved before are immediately delivered to the customers. So, you have a very short time between releases, that significantly increase team efficiency.
  • Continuous Monitoring. DevOps also include fulltime-monitoring and logging of managed infrastructure. Continuous Monitoring allows tracking all the changes to find errors and immediately fix them.

For remarkable efficiency improvement, all these processes should be automated. And automation also one of the essential things about DevOps. In general, DevOps methodology will make software development processes more efficient thanks to continuous implementation, testing and deployment. This approach allows making Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as fast as possible. So, you can attract investors and develop your project smoothly and fast. Also, you’ll have the ability to react to customers’ requests and wishes faster. Thus, your competitiveness will grow. 

How to cooperate with the DevOps company?

Now you have an understanding of the DevOps transformation the answer to the question “Do you need the cooperation with DevOps company?” is yes. And the next question is what way of the implementation is better. It’s hard to answer because different founders prefer different ways. If you want to work only with an in-house team you should hire people to the office. But this is a very long and inefficient way. You need to maintain the team and pay salaries even when DevOps transformation will be done. There is only one reason to do it —  if you want to implement DevOps and after that outsource your team, thus said, if you want to turn your company into a Managed Service Provider. In other cases, hiring a dedicated team is the best approach to the DevOps transformation.

Thus, the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to implement DevOps into your company is to hire a dedicated team from MSP. With qualified MSP your business will prosper and your internal processes will much better and efficient.