Auto Lockout Kits

When you’re trying to figure out how to unlock a locked vehicle, a proper auto lockout kit is essential. You’ll need these tools to gain access to the vehicle’s ignition and unlock the door. You can purchase a kit that includes the necessary tools in a convenient carrying case. In addition to the tools themselves, you’ll also need a manual that explains how to use each tool. A good auto lockout tool kit should include an instruction manual with full illustrations.

TSafe Professional Kit

The TSafe Professional Kit for auto lockout is a highly useful product for anyone who performs vehicle locks and unlocks. This lockout tool comes in a handy carry case. The kit contains a 52-inch reach grabber and an extension. The kit has everything you need to get started with an auto lockout, including detailed instructions. For even greater convenience, you can also purchase an optional PVC carrying case to store the kit.

The TSafe Professional Kit for auto lockout contains all the tools you need for unlocking your car. Its tools are of a higher quality and more diverse, and you can find different types of lockout tools. Investing in quality tools can help you prevent further damage to the vehicle, so make sure you invest in them. Other tools included in the kit include an air wedge pump and a long-reach grabber. When using the air wedge pump, be careful not to scrape or chip the paint.


The FlexJim-54F auto lockout tool is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. This tool, crafted for police officers, is long and flexible and extends to 54 inches. It features a wide handle that gives it more control and power. It also features three locking positions, allowing it to unlock most types of car locks. Whether you are locked out of your car for one reason or another, this tool will get you in and out of your car without breaking a window.

With 18 pieces and a heavy-duty blow-molded carrying case, this auto lockout tool kit is ideal for professional locksmiths or recovery specialists. It comes with a fully illustrated manual for easy access to its contents. You can get the FlexJim-54F lockout tool kit for a low price from LockPickShop. If you’re planning to unlock a car on your own, be sure to buy this kit. It has all the tools necessary for professional locksmith work and will save you money and time when unlocking a car.


If you have locked your keys inside your car, you may not know how to get the car open. If this happens to you, there are a few tools that can help you open the car. A car lockout kit is essential for unlocking your car, and this toolkit is designed to meet all of your emergency needs. This kit contains tools that can help you unlock your car, and they can also help you avoid damage to the paint.

When choosing an auto lockout toolkit, consider the length of the tool. It must be long enough to reach inside the car and to unlock the lock. It also needs to be able to reach the doorknob or lock. If the door is closed, the tool will not be able to reach the lock. However, with an air wedge pump, you can get a small opening with minimal effort. The tool is made of metal so that it will not get caught in the door.


The KLOM auto lockout kit includes a variety of tools to open locked automobiles. The KLOM pick gun PLUS is a versatile set of tools that includes 15 different picks for various types of locks. It also comes with a case and tensioner to help you open or collate keys. It has a reasonable return policy and two chucks: a drill type and a traditional up flicker chuck.

It comes in a handy case and includes 12 pieces of automobile entry tools for a variety of locks. At only $30, the KLOM professional automobile lockout kit offers great value and a comprehensive set for unlocking many different types of cars. The lockout kit comes with 2 hook tools and a u-shaped air wedge for different vehicles. The kit is well made, comes with good instructions, and is affordable.

Travel Lockout Kit

There are two basic types of car opening kits. Basic kits contain basic tools and advanced kits contain more complicated tools. For travel, it is best to get a kit with 19 pieces, including the number 120 sterling tool. Most travel kits also come with an 800-page manual or cd-rom. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, try one of these travel lockout kits. They include all the basic tools that you need to open your car, plus a couple of other things.

One type of auto lockout kit comes with tools necessary to open a vehicle. A high-quality kit has tools such as an air pump and non-marring wedges. These tools are designed to be more portable and easier to carry in a pocket. You can find these tools in most lockout kits in the market. These kits are suited for personal use, but there are also professional tool kits available for car owners.

Steck Manufacturing

If you’ve ever been locked out of your vehicle, you’ve likely been wondering how you can unlock it. With a Steck Manufacturing auto lockout kit, you can do just that in just seconds, without destroying the car. The kit comes with a 55-inch steel rod and a non-marring, smooth plastic wedge, which unlocks your vehicle without damaging its door panel or weather-stripping.