Installing Outdoor Logic Devices on Your Vehicle

If you are looking for a good, dependable, high-quality wheel that is also great looking, look no further than the Outdoor Logic brand. Outdoor Logic is qualified to install all makes and models of off road vehicles, so you know you will get quality parts. The brand is especially known for its bumpers and truck mounts. In addition, Outdoor Logic is an on-site installation facility and dealer.

There are many reasons why you should buy from outdoor logic. The company offers quality truck parts. Many of their truck mounts are made from heavy alloy steel and feature heavy duty engineering for a long life. In addition, you will get quality bumpers that protect your vehicle from damage from the elements. Whether you have a Nissan Stormer or a Dodge Challenger, you will get quality truck parts from outdoor logic.

Aluminum bumpers

If you like the look of aluminum but want something stronger, there are aluminum bumper products from outdoor logic as well. The bumpers are made with a thick triple walled body, powder coated aluminum frame rail, and hard foam insulation. The outer layer has a high gloss black finish. There are double-sided aluminum flaps that can be removed and replaced easily to achieve a variety of truck mounting configurations.

Aluminum bumpers are available in several configurations. There are many optional accessories such as a 3rd gen strut bar, steering bush pad, front strut bar, front strut adapter, and rear strut bar. All of these accessories are sold separately. A stainless steel 3rd gen strut bar adds strength to your front end. It can be ordered in a standard size or custom made to fit your vehicle.

The outer bumper on this product is made with a durable powder coated aluminum alloy. The outer cover is available in several different colors. You can choose the color that best compliments your vehicle’s paint job. It also features an attractive mounting plate that includes a chrome post. The chrome plate is designed to provide a strong mounting surface and enhance the overall appearance of the bumper.

How to install bumper

To mount your new bumper, you will need the following hardware: A set of mounting screws (especially helpful if you choose to go with the supplied mounting screws), a stainless steel washer, some chrome pipe, an interior spray paint, and an interior trim ring. Use the stainless steel washer to screw the washer onto the pipe. Then attach the trim ring to the pipe using the trim ring’s washers. Lastly, use the washer and the trim ring to screw on the exterior trim ring to the back of the bumper.

On the inside of the bumper you will see a nice mounting grid made from some stainless steel pipe. Slide this grid over the frame rail and attach it to the front side. You may need to use some nuts to keep the grid secure. This mounting grid will help ensure that the front end of the bumper will be securely mounted to the frame rail. Note that there is no hardware provided for securing the side rails of the frame rail; you must use the screws provided.

Finally, you will want to install the front bumper on to the vehicle’s front bumper lip. Slide the supplied washer over the bumpers lip and then use the supplied trim ring to screw the bumper onto the lip. The trim ring is also helpful because it can help keep the windshield in place while you install the side and bumper covers.

To ensure the highest possible fitment you should install the trim piece on top of your vehicle’s side skirt. This piece will cover the largest areas of exposed aluminum. It is also helpful to have this piece installed onto a clean surface, since dirt can easily get stuck on a metal trim piece. After securing the trim piece to the side skirt, you should use some bolts to install the reverse side hinged door panel onto the vehicle.

When you install the door side hinged panels onto the side of your vehicle, make sure you leave enough room for the doors to open and close. If you need more space, you should purchase some additional door bumpers. For an extra precaution, you should install a locking tailgate so that unwanted guests cannot simply drive right into your gate. This is especially helpful if you are expecting a delivery of a new gate.

In order to install Outdoor Logic devices, you need to follow the detailed installation instructions outlined by our website. You can either follow these instructions directly or have them emailed to you. Installation is quick and easy if you follow the instructions that the company provides. All of the hardware that you need is available at any local home improvement store. Most of the equipment is very easy to install yourself. If you need help, you can contact the Outdoor Logic company.